A Little LIVE MORE in the Month of May!

Brain Health is a hot topic in the news, advertisements, and on social media today.

The diagram to the right illustrates how socialization, safety, nutrition, physical exercise, sleep, hydration, stress management, treatment of disease, and mental activity/stimulation are all tied together to obtain optimal brain health. You can definitely tell when you have not had adequate sleep because your brain function is sluggish or diminished. The reverse can be said when you perform physical activity as your brain can feel sharper or more alert.

The Hearth’s Live More Philosophy closely aligns with brain health through a multi-faceted concept. As illustrated in our Live More Wheel, when we address our spiritual and emotional needs, engage in socialization, have good nutrition, get physical activity, address our environment, vocational and intellectual needs, we will have better over-all health while Living More.

Starting May 27th join us at The Hearth for a fun filled week of events to celebrate Live More and National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Activities and sessions will be held for residents and staff to learn, have fun and participate in some friendly competition. To learn more about Live More week look at your local Hearth’s activity calendar and come LIVE MORE with us!!

By Janet L. Haynes, RN Vice President of Clinical Services

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