6 Signs You or Your Loved One May Be Ready To Live More.

1. Social Isolation  

If you or your loved one feel like they are lonely or not interacting with others enough, it may lead to further problems. AARP’s program Connect2Affect studies have explained that more than 8 million adults age 50 and older are affected by isolation. The health risks of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. By moving into an assisted living community, you will lose that isolation by having the opportunity to attend daily activities and outings.

2. Medication Management 

Are you worried about you or your loved one’s medication management? According to The Department of Health and Human Services, more than half of the elderly are “non-compliant” with their medications. Approximately 200,000 older adults have been hospitalized annually due to adverse drug reactions. If you or your loved one is having swallowing problems, vision problems, memory Loss, hearing problems, or social isolation you may need assistance with taking your medications. You can get help at an assisted living community to make sure that you or your loved one are managing medications correctly. At The Hearth, we always have trained experienced staff members to assist with your medication management. 

3. Problems Staying Active 

At home, you may have limited access to fitness programs and equipment. Most people also have a lack of motivation. When you move into a community you will have a daily on-site opportunity to improve mobility, strength, and wellness. By having daily exercise activities planned you or your loved one can interact with others during classes along with all the other perks of physical activity such as; being in a better mood, improving strength and mobility, and increasing mental capacity. Check out our website to see how we take on a whole different approach to health and wellness. 

4.  Don’t Feel Like Driving Anymore 

When you join an assisted living community you will have scheduled transportation services available for local appointments, errands, and outings. Therefore you will no longer need to rely on the availability of others to get where you need or want to go. Here at The Hearth, we will make sure you make it to every appointment and outing on time. 

5.Don’t Feel Like Cooking Anymore. 

You will no longer have to eat alone or eat those prepackaged meals. You will be able to eat with your friends with fresh menu options offered with table service.Here at The Hearth, we will accommodate to you or your loved one’s many dietary needs! Check out how we Live More® deliciously here at The Hearth. 

6. Losing your Independent Feeling 

 Are you or your loved one feeling like a bother caused by increased dependence on family and outside help for assistance? When you move into an assisted living community you will have encouraged independence. You will also have discreet support provided by caring, trained staff as needed. Check out how we help out resident’s gain their independence by Living More!

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