Live More Spotlight, Malcolm

Malcolm is one of our veterans that we have the pleasure of serving each day at The  008 (1)Hearth at Greenpoint. He served in the United States Army Air Corps and was ranked as a Staff Sergeant and has received multiple achievement awards.

Back in 1938 Malcolm and his family moved from Liverpool NY to England. When they knew they were about to be in the middle of WWII, they were ready to come back. Unfortunately, they missed the boat during the war which made them stay at their home right on the English Channel. After a few months, they were given a 24-hour notice to get out of the house due to the Germans getting ready to attack. Malcolm and his family were forced to move to London during the beginning of the German Blitz. He explains the hardships that happened during this time, such as, the long 3-4 hour walks to work because the trains were no longer safe, and the Germans attacking at night.

Malcolm said it was one of the happiest days of his life when he turned 18. That is the 007 (1)day he went to the American Recruiting Office to enlist, but he did not have his passport with him. Therefore, he went to the American embassy and got all of his information back and was ready to serve his country. He was a part of the strategic bombing of the Germans, and can still remember until this day the hardships he went through. He can also remember the day he lost 600 guys on one mission.

He then explained how important the game of monopoly was during WWII and still has the silk “escape” map that was disguised in the game. The map helped many soldiers escape during WWII as it showed all the major roads and safe houses. He still has the map and loves to show it to his friends (top photo)

After serving us in WWII, he was ready to come back to the states. In December 1945 027Malcolm and 20,000 other servicemen hopped on a ship used during the war and sailed for 10 wavy days. When he returned and worked in sales for several years until he became the VP of Onondaga Litho Supply in 1990. While working in the industry of printing he met his wife and went on to have two beautiful children.

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