Celebrating Halloween at a Senior Living Community

Living in a Senior Living Community shouldn’t stop you or your loved ones from enjoying the spookiest holiday of the year. Here are some ways you can bring in the Halloween festivities into a community and have a spooky party!


Halloween BINGOBingo 1.jpg

Who doesn’t love testing their listening skills and winning prizes? Print out or design your own Halloween Bingo card and enjoy the classic game with a Halloween Twist. You can also cut out little pumpkins or a Halloween themed object and make them the chips!




Scary Stories20161028_154454

Everyone has that classic tale they love to tell during Halloween time. Have resident’s sit in a circle and have them take turns sharing their story! Set up some music and time some sound effects to make the story extra spooky! 


Costume Contest20161028_161133

Everyone loves to play a little dress up on Halloween right? Well, this year add a contest! Have your residents dress up as a famous person from the year they were born, residents will then have to choose the year from your costume!



Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Stretch your creative muscles by decorating a pumpkin! Purchase a bunch of small pumpkins from a nearby patch. Then break the residents into teams (make them come up with a fun Halloween name). Some craft items you can use are paint, 20171012_165408_resized_1markers, glitter, eyes, feathers, bows, and pom poms to create a fun looking pumpkin! Make sure you give them a set time to finish their masterpiece! Plus after you will have pumpkins to place throughout your community!  

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