Live More Stories-Grant B.

Meet Grant B: Grant lives in Thompson’s Station with his girlfriend, Lindsay and her son, FriendChase. Grant’s hobbies include lifting weights, running, and helping the less fortunate. Grant actually found out about The Hearth because he is an active member of the gym nearby.

Grant has a background in sales and has sold everything from kitchen cutlery, magazines, roofing, windows, Amway, automobiles, and accessories. Grant had always wanted to feel that his work would give him inspiration and fulfillment every day, and he has found this here at The Hearth. Grant said, “Since the beginning of my career here, I have gained experience, a high degree of empathy, and a renewed love for our seniors.”

He came to the senior living industry because he loves helping people and believes that this will allow him to make a difference in people’s lives. He will be working hard to make sure that we have a building full of residents that we can care for years to come, and he thanks, all of our residents and staff for providing such an amazing atmosphere.

When asked what his proudest moment was while working at The Hearth he said “My proudest moment working for The Hearth was when I had a family member tell me that they had looked at many communities and that although we were not the closest to them, they chose us because we were the most informative, demonstrated the best follow up, and had the sincerest people working. And that is why they chose to move their mother into The Hearth.

When asked why he loves working for The Hearth he said: “I love helping people and when I found the Hearth at Franklin, I knew this would be the place where I could make a positive impact on people’s daily lives.”

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