6 Tips to become a better leader today!

It’s National Boss’s Day today and here at The Hearth, we decided to change it up a bit. Today we are not celebrating our boss’s, we are celebrating our exceptional leaders.

Here are 6 quick tips from our leadership team that can make you a better leader today!

1. Be trustworthy

This is what separates the bosses from the leaders. Trust is a defining characteristic of all leaders. Trust creates the ability to inspire, motivate, and lead your team into the future. Without trust, it is very difficult to generate the organization’s desired outcomes. Remember that trust is not a benefit, but rather it must be earned and takes time. You can build trust in many ways; to name a few, you must contribute, show competency, make connections with your team members, and show compassion for others.

2. Be self-aware

Self-awareness is key in demonstrating strong leadership. You can improve upon how effective you are as a leader by becoming more aware of your motivators, strengths, and the biases you have in your own thoughts. This self-awareness increases your credibility with your staff, which will in hand increase the effectiveness of your outcomes.

3. Know and understand your limitations

Knowing your limitations can be difficult. It can be vulnerable to admit our weaknesses, but by doing so you leave space for someone else’s strength to be called upon and valued. Show your staff you are human. Take each task as it comes, prioritizing and reprioritizing as necessary. Being a great leader means knowing when you need to lean on your team to create the most effective, greatest possible outcome.

4. Inspire others

Inspiring others can be achieved through many different avenues. One of the more obvious ways to do this is to remain pro-active and display passion and positive energy about the organization, its goals, and the work you do. Create positive one on one relationships with members of your team and connect with them on a real, human level. You can also inspire others by becoming an expert in your craft and taking responsibility in what you do.

5. Show appreciation and let others know they are important

Showing appreciation and being intentional about letting others know they are important is vital for leaders to engage in. However, we should all be intentional about letting it be known exactly why they are important. When we share this information with our team, peers, or co-workers, it reinforces their positive behavior or outcomes while letting them know you see their efforts. This establishes credibility, trust, and appreciation all at the same time. If this is new for you, start off by thanking people for the things they do every day that impacts the bigger picture. This appreciation will do wonder for satisfaction and productivity.

6. Establish an environment of continuous improvement

We all know there are benefits to processes and procedures. They are crucial to consistency and success. It is, however, important to be on the lookout for when your established process or procedure may be complacent. In today’s ever-changing environment, what may work for years, one day will no longer be the best approach. A leader is always on the lookout for ways (and inspiring their teams to be on the lookout) to improve systems and generate stronger results: taking the process from good to great. Who knows, maybe you will find that the best way to your outcomes is through your people’s autonomy to getting to the goal their own way!

We hope you enjoyed reading our quick-tips to becoming and remaining a great leader. The opportunities are endless when you can adopt these practices into your own management styles.



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